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Oris 150 Horn speaker

We offer horn speaker Oris 150. It is a amazing and legendary horn. He is active from 150Hz. Oris 150 is made from strong 6mm ABS plastic material. We guarantee exactly production on CNC machine and high quality. Oris 150 we offer like a one pair without back pipe and luxury painting.

You can also order Luxury painting with high gloss and it will be cost 800.00Eur. Next we offer luxury leather on the back side. Its not only beautiful but also good damping material and everything is hand made. The leather cost 700.00Euro. Price is including TAX..  

Price: 750Eur (one pair without painting)



Range: 150Hz - 22KHz
Sensitivity: 114dB
Diameter mouth: 77.00 cm
Deep: 66.00 cm
Material: ABS