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Audio Note L2 - Line phono preamp

Audio note L2 - line phono preamp ready to use! We offer popular preamp Audio note L2 - line phono. It is a very good Line and MM phono preamp with best ratio price / sound quality. This preamplifier is ready to use... Now it´s so easy for you. Only buy Audio Note L2 line phono and just connection to the Power socket and listen your favourite songs.

Price : 43.000CZK

Tubes: 2x 12AU7 and E88CC, 6X5, ECL82
Freq. char.: 20Hz - 500KHz/-3dB/1,0V RMS
THD: 0,2%/1KHz/1V
S/N: 88dB/line/1,0V RMS (no weight)
S/N: 54dB/phono MM/1,0V RMS (no weight)
Output impedence: 3Kohm
Weight: 10Kg