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Audio Note L1 - EL84 integrated amp

Favourite integrated amplifier Audio Note L1 with pentode tubes EL84 in AB class with 17W power per channel.

We offer this beautiful amplifier AN L1 like a ready to use. It mean you will recieve fully assembled amplifier. Amplifier is assembled from top quality parts like Mundorf capacitors, N.O.S. Tesla tubes, Sowter EI output transformers or AN Double C-Core, Alps potenciometer nad ELNA switch made in Swiss, Beyschlag resistors..

Ready tu use so only just play.

Cena: 45.600Kč (2.2250 USD)



Class: AB
Power: 17W/1KHz
THD: 0,027% (1KHz/1W)
S/N: 96dB
Inputs: 4x RCA
Dimensions: 365 x 390 x 140mm
Weight: 10Kg
Guaranted: 5 years