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300B Monoblock Amp

Beautiful High End Single ended monoblock amp with triode EML 300B and 5AR4 for supply. The amplifier use just best ever part which you can buy. Not just only triode Emission Labs but also Jensen copper foil capacitors, non inductive Elna cerafine capacitors or Audio Note tantalum resisitors. Like a output transformer we used custom design C-core Lundahl with silver wire winding and thats why the amp have extremly balanced bandwith 10Hz-45KHz/-3dB. The ouput power is 8-11W/8Ohm (300B, 300B-XLS). Who want higher power we can built parallel Single Ended 300B monoblock with 15-18W/8Ohm. The hum and noise is only 0,8mV and its is amazing for DHT tubes. It is absolutly quiet!

With this tube monoblock you can enjoy the true analog sound. 

For more question please contact us. 

Price: 80.000CZK/pcs (Basic parts and tubes JJ electronics)

Price: 130.000CZK/pcs (Premium, Emmision Labs Tubes, Resistors Silver Tantalum Audio  Note...)


Tubes: 300B EML, 5U4G EML, 6SL7 GE
Power: 8W/8Ohm - Single Ended class A
Bandwith: 17Hz-90KHz/8W/8Ohm
Distortion THD+N: 0,8%/8W/8Ohm (No Global Feedback!)
Weight: 20Kg
Dimensions: 290x480x90mm
Price: 130.000CZK/ks/pcs